How to get Grants for Apple Computers

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How to get Grants for Apple Computers. Apple computer has long been synonymous with education. Apple's relationship with all education levels has proved very fruitful for both parties. In accordance with this close relationship, Apple offers grants for schools to help offset the technology cost of buying an Apple computer. These grants have certain requirements and steps to follow in order to get a grant for Apple computers.


Step 1

Be a certified licensed educational or non-profit institution. Most technology grants require that the entity that applies for the grant is an ongoing concern with some validation of its qualifications.

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Step 2

Talk to your local grant coordinator. If you work for a school system or non-profit institution, there is most likely a grant coordinator employed within these entities that can help you attain the proper forms and applications.


Step 3

Ask local corporations if they offer any technology grants. Corporations are always looking for a promotional opportunity to show how they are helping in the local communities, and technology grants are great way for them show this involvement.

Step 4

Visit websites that focus specifically on technology grants. Some of these websites attempt to charge a fee for their services. Stay away from these sites as there are numerous websites that offer a free search engine for technology grants to buy Apple computers. See the Resources section for more information.



Step 5

Fill out any technology grant applications that are available. Be sure to list the purpose of the Apple computer purchase, the details of any specific goals of the program, and why you are applying for the grant.



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