How to Get Rid of the Second Page of a MS Word Form

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A Microsoft Word form can help you gather information from users. You can draw people's attention to a certain section on your form by bolding or centering your words, so they can fill in important questions. If the second page of your form is blank or includes little content, you can get rid of the page by shrinking your document or deleting the extra space.


Step 1

Open the form in Microsoft Word.

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Step 2

Change the page view, so you can see page breaks and spaces more easily. Click on "View" and "Normal."

Step 3

Scroll down to the end of your second page to see how much space remains.

Step 4

Place your cursor just before the page break line and press the "Delete" key. To get rid of a lot of empty space, press "F8" key on your keyboard to beginning selecting that area. Then press "Ctrl+End" to select everything to the end of your document. Press "Delete" to remove it.



Step 5

Check if the second page is still there. If so, click on "File" and "Page Setup." In the "Margins" tab, reduce the top and bottom margins and press "OK."

Step 6

Choose "Ignore" if Word warns you that it needs to fix the margins. The second page on your form should now disappear.

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