How to Get Sound Back On Your PC

By Techwalla Contributor

There is little more frustrating than sitting down at your PC to discover that the sound which had previously been working, no longer is. In the worst case, it might mean your sound card, whether or not it is on-board (on the motherboard of the computer as opposed to a card you plug into the motherboard), is broken. However before you go panicking and buying a new one, just check a few things first to make sure it really is a serious problem. Use the following steps to get sound back on your PC.

Things You'll Need

  • A spare set of headphones or speakers

Step 1

Before we start getting too technical let's check the basics. Is your speaker or headphone jack plugged in properly? Why not unplug it and plug it back, just to be sure.

Step 2

Are you using speakers which have an independent power source instead of your PC power source? Why not make sure it is plugged in and switched on as well.

Step 3

Check that the volume on the speakers or headphones that are connected to the PC to make sure sound it's not turned down or off.

Step 4

Check that the PC sound is not muted. This is easily done by going to the Control Panel, clicking on Hardware and sound and opening up the sound tab. There will be volume and mute options there.

Step 5

If you are still having problems with sound, it is time to open up the Control Panel from your start menu and go to Hardware and Sound. You will then be able to click on sound and you will be presented with options for testing your sound card.

Step 6

While you are in your control panel, go to Devices Manager and Sound, video and game controllers. You will be able to select your sound card and see if there are any driver updates.

Step 7

If everything still seems fine, but you have no sound, try a simple re-boot of your PC.

Step 8

Try plugging an alternative set of speakers or headphones in to see if the problem is with the speakers, rather than the PC Sound.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are feeling really brave, you can open your computer case, locate your sound card and take it out and put in back in again. Sometimes cards can get loose and the PC can detect them but can't use them.