How to Get Sound Back On Your PC

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Use a spare headphone or speakers to test your computer's sound.

Hardly anything is more frustrating than sitting down at your PC to discover that the sound which had previously been working no longer works. In the worst case, it might mean that your sound card is faulty. But before panicking and buying a new one, verify a few things to make sure it really is a serious problem. With a few steps, you can usually get the sound back on your PC.


Step 1

Before getting too technical, check the basics. Ensure that your speaker or headphone is properly plugged in. Unplug and reinsert it to be sure that your sound output wasn't disconnected.

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Step 2

If you're using speakers which have an independent power source instead of your PC power source, make sure that it's plugged in and switched on as well.


Step 3

Check that the volume on the speakers or headphones that are connected to the PC isn't turned down or off.

Step 4

Check that the PC sound isn't muted by navigating to the "Start" menu, selecting the "Control Panel," clicking on "Hardware and Sound" and selecting the "Sound" tab. Uncheck the "Mute" option if it is checked. Raise the volume of your sound output device.


Step 5

If sound problems still exist, navigate to the "Start" menu, select "Control Panel" and "Hardware and Sound." Click on a sound to test your sound card.

Step 6

From the "Control Panel," select "Sound, Video and Game Controllers" and the "Hardware" tab. A list of drivers appears. Highlight an audio driver, select "Properties" and determine whether a driver update exists.



Step 7

If you still have no sound, reboot your PC. A reboot often fixes a sound problem.

Step 8

Plug in an alternative set of speakers or headphones to determine whether the problem is with the speakers, rather than the PC sound.


Step 9

Open your computer case, remove your sound card and reinsert it. Sometimes cards can get loose and the PC can detect them but can't use them.

Step 10

Reinstall the sound drivers by referring to your computer manufacturer's support site. A sound problem is sometimes due to corrupt drivers.

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