How to Get Sprint to Waive Activation Fees

By Amy McClain

Sprint's activation fees are charged when you open a new wireless account or upgrade to a new device. The fees can really add up, especially if your account includes multiple phones. However, Sprint may waive these activation fees in certain situations. Securing new customers is a goal of any wireless company, so use this to your advantage when trying to get your fees waived.

Step 1

Shop around either online or in retail stores. Other wireless carriers and third-party retailers often run "free activation" promotions. Find one and collect some documentation -- print an advertisement or pick one up in the store -- showing the sale. Sprint may price-match if you mention you've found other providers that offer a better deal.

Step 2

Don't be rude. Sprint customer service representatives and salespeople will be much more willing to help you if you're friendly, rather than yelling demands at them. Explain your desire to have activation fees waived calmly, adding that you're ready to buy otherwise; this means that you have to shop in a store or over the phone, as you'll need to state your case with a salesperson.

Step 3

Offer to purchase accessories for your phone if the fees are waived -- most salespeople work on a commission, and this helps them as well as you.

Step 4

Call customer service at 1-888-211-4727 after the charges appear on your first bill. A customer care representative may be able to issue a credit to cover the costs. Again, respect and kindness go further than demands and yelling. Sprint customers have 30 days to cancel service, so it is in the company's best interest to keep you happy.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are unsuccessful at a Sprint store, try a big box retailer that sells wireless service. These stores may also have promotions that Sprint stores do not.