How to Get the Microsoft Outlook Icon on the Desktop

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Windows 8 shifts focus to its Start screen for finding and launching programs. That means when you install Microsoft Outlook 2013, Windows places an entry on the Start screen's app list, but it doesn't include a shortcut on the desktop. If you're like many users that prefer the traditional desktop feel, you can overcome this exclusion by manually adding an Outlook icon on the desktop.


Adding a Shortcut

If you can't find the Outlook tile on the Start screen, type "Outlook" in the Search panel or while viewing the Start screen to locate the program. Right-clicking this icon and then selecting "Open File Location" opens Windows Explorer in the appropriate folder. To add an icon on the desktop, right-click "Outlook 2013," select "Send to" and then click "Desktop (Create Shortcut)." Alternatively, pin Outlook to your desktop's taskbar by right-clicking Outlook 2013 from the Start screen and then selecting "Pin to Taskbar."

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