How to Install a Wireless Mouse for Use With Your Mac Laptop

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How to Install a Wireless Mouse for Use With Your Mac Laptop. Using a wireless mouse is a great way to make your Mac laptop more convenient, flexible and truly portable. The touchpad is fine for limited use, but if your laptop is your primary computer--as it is for so many--you'll eventually want the comfort and precision of a mouse without the setup and storage hassles of cables.


Step 1

Install two AA batteries in your wireless mouse.

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Step 2

Turn your mouse over, then slide the power switch over to cover the light.

Step 3

Open your utilities folder to locate the "Bluetooth Setup Assistant."

Step 4

Open the Setup Assistant then click "Continue."


Step 5

Choose the "Mouse" option on the "Select Device Type" panel.

Step 6

Turn on your mouse by sliding the power switch so the light is not covered.

Step 7

Click "Continue" on your computer when the light on the mouse starts to flash.

Step 8

Choose the mouse from the "Setup Assistant" listing then click "Continue."


Step 9

Click "Continue" again when the Assistant window says that the installation was successful.

Step 10

Click "Quit" to exit setup.

Things You'll Need

  • Wireless Mouse

  • Bluetooth enabled Mac Laptop

  • Two AA batteries


Depending on the version of the operating software on your Mac, you may need to install some software before you can install the mouse. This software will be included with your mouse. Keep spare batteries on hand so that you're not stuck without a mouse when the original batteries run out. If your laptop Mac is not already Bluetooth enabled, you'll need to buy a Bluetooth adaptor to install a wireless mouse.


As well as a Bluetooth-enabled Mac you'll need the latest version of the Mac OS to install one of the latest wireless mice on your Mac laptop.