How to Install EPS Files into Microsoft Word

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An early predecessor to the PDF, EPS files were image formats designed by Adobe in the 1980s. These files are largely out of use today because of the plethora of superior alternatives available, but you can still run into them from time to time. If you have an EPS file you wish to use in a Word document, you probably noticed Word cannot handle these files by default. Don't worry: Word does offer the functionality, you just have to specifically install it.


Step 1

Close all Microsoft Office programs, such as Word, Outlook or Excel, and open the Windows Control Panel—click "Start" and "Control Panel" for access.

Step 2

Double-click "Add or Remove Programs."

Step 3

Find your version of Microsoft Office in the list of applications and highlight it. Then click "Change."

Step 4

Navigate the wizard. Click "Expand Microsoft Office" in the "Features to Install" list.


Step 5

Click "Office Shared Features".

Step 6

Click "Converters and Filters".

Step 7

Click "Graphics Filters".

Step 8

Select "EPS" as the filter you wish to add, then click "Run all from my computer" and "Update" to install the filter. When the process is complete, Microsoft Word (as well as Powerpoint, Excel and the entire Office suite) will be able to import EPS images as graphics.