How to Leave a Cell Phone Message Without the Phone Ringing

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Leave a cell phone message without making the recipient's phone ring.

Do you want to call someone late at night, but don't want to wake him up? Or do you have something to tell someone, but don't have a lot of time to talk? There are many circumstances when you may wish to leave a cell phone message directly to someone's voicemail without their cell phone ringing. The recipient's phone will notify her of a new voicemail without ringing.


Step 1

Use a voice messaging system which allows you to connect directly to someone's mobile voicemail without his phone ringing. Slydial (see Resources) allows you to connect directly to someone's voicemail after you listen to a short advertisement.

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Step 2

Call the back-end voicemail number for the cell phone provider of the person you wish to reach. This number is available either through an online database (see Resources), or through the provider's customer service department. Once you have the back-end voicemail number, dial it, listen to the prompts and enter the cell phone number of the person you want to reach.


Step 3

Call you own voicemail if you wish to leave a message for someone else on the same network. Access the main menu. Listen to the prompts and press the corresponding number to record a message. Then enter the phone number of the recipient.



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