How to Log in to My Lowe's Outlook Express In-box

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Your Lowe's Employee Email contains lots of valuable information for you.

When you work for Lowe's, you get an employee identification number that you can use to log in to the Lowe's portal. Here, you can check your email, look at your schedule or trade shifts and connect with other Lowe's employees. You can also access your email through your own Outlook Express in-box, just by setting up your Outlook with your Lowe's email information.


Step 1

Log in to your Lowe's Employee Portal, located in Resources.

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Step 2

Click on "Email" to access your email address and to change your password.

Step 3

Open Outlook Express on your computer. When you are prompted to, create a new user. Input your Lowe's email address and your password to finish creating the user. Then Outlook will check your Lowe's email.




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