How to Look Up Home Phone Numbers for Free

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Home phone numbers are publicly listed, so it is simple for anyone to search a home phone number for free. Many websites offer free reverse address lookup services; with these websites, you can look up a phone number by inputting the owner's address into the given fields. Another common method of finding a home phone number is by using the person's first and last names.


Step 1

Look up home phone numbers for free on the website Addresses (see link in Resources). Simply enter the address of the individual you want to trace to get his phone number.

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Step 2

Look up a person's home phone number using the website Search People Directory (see Resources). When the webpage opens, input the address of the person into the given fields to retrieve the residential phone number.


Step 3

Find a person's home phone number on the website AnyWho (see Resources). This website lets you search a phone number using the person's name. Enter the full name of the person into the given fields and select his city or state to get the home phone number.





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