How to Make a Call But Show a Different Caller ID Number on Phone

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Spoofing is the industry term for placing a call but having a different number than the one you're calling from appear on the recipient's caller id. Though it has legal uses, spoofing used to defraud or cause harm is illegal. A bill reintroduced to Congress in 2010 called the Truth in Caller ID Act could ban spoofing all together.


Step 1

Type "spoofing" into an Internet search engine. This will display multiple spoofing companies like Spoof Card and Phone Gangster. Select one with an acceptable rate charge as they all operate mostly the same.

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Step 2

Purchase minutes or credits on the website you selected. Most of the websites allow the use of PayPal or a credit card. Be sure to save any information provided to you as a result of the transaction.


Step 3

Input the requested information, including your telephone number, the number you are calling, and the number you want displayed on the caller id, into the web form.


Step 4

Complete the call by dialing the number provided to you after inputting the information. The provider will ask you to call a specific number to connect the call. Depending on the provider you choose, some may request a pin number that would have been generated during the purchase of minutes or credits.




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