How to Make a Cell Phone Untraceable

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Generally speaking, all cell phones are traceable. Sometimes this can be helpful, such as when you need emergency 911 services. But other times most people do not want to found, such as by an ex-boyfriend or a pesky salesperson. By taking some preventive steps, you can make your cell phone untraceable.

Step 1

Buy a pre-paid cell phone that does not have GPS features.

Step 2

Do not complete and send in your rebate form. All the information you put on that rebate form goes into searchable databases and is sold to third parties.

Step 3

Never publish or post your cell phone number on a blog, social networking site, etc. Only give your cell phone number to trusted friends and family. If you must provide a phone number for an application or form, perhaps use your work number.

Step 4

Order automatic call blocking. Call your cellular provider to find out if they offer automatic call blocking (a fee-based service that masks your phone number so it does not display on recipients' caller IDs). Keep in mind that even if you have automatic call blocking, a person can press "Redial" on a phone and call you back (if your name or phone number are on your voice message, the person will learn that information).

Step 5

Refuse invitations to be located via GPS-enabled phones.

Step 6

Use a calling card. Even if you have automatic call blocking, your cell phone number might show up on others' phone statements. To prevent this from happening, purchase a calling card and follow the instructions on the card when you make phone calls (typically, an 800-number or "Unknown" will display on the recipient's cell phone statement). Calling cards are commonly sold at major grocery store chains and convenience stores.

Things You'll Need

  • Pre-paid cell phone

  • Pre-paid calling card

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