How to Make a Call From Gmail on Android

By Matt Skaggs

Android devices are increasingly common, with phones available from every major U.S. carrier. One of standard apps on these devices is the "Gmail" app, which integrates seamlessly with your Gmail account. You can easily check your mail, send messages, use labels and perform nearly most of the common email tasks you could on a PC. If your Android device has the phone number for the person who sent you an email, you can jump straight from the Gmail app to calling that person with just a few taps.

Step 1

Press the "Home" button to reach the "Home" screen. This button usually has the image of a house on it.

Step 2

Tap the "Applications" option, then tap "Gmail." The "Applications" option is usually near the bottom of the display. This brings up the list of all the apps installed on your phone. If you have a shortcut to the Gmail app on your home screen, you can just tap that instead.

Step 3

Tap an email from the person you want to call. If you don't see one, you can always press the "Menu" button and tap "Search," and then type the name or email address of the person you're looking for. The "Menu" button usually either says "Menu" on it or has several horizontal lines on it to indicate text.

Step 4

Expand the messages that are collapsed, if necessary. If you can see the sender's name and email address at the top of the message, then you don't need to do this; otherwise the sender's message is collapsed behind the most recent email. Tap the tab at the top of the email to view previous messages, and then tap a specific message to view it.

Step 5

Tap the "Quick Contact" icon near the top of the email to view the available actions for that contact. This is the square button with a picture in it; the picture varies based on your contact settings. It may be a specific picture you or that person chose, or it may just be a generic image.

Step 6

Tap the "Call" option, which has the image of a phone on it. If your phone has only one number for that contact, you'll see the calling screen right away. If your phone has more than one number, the numbers will pop up below the "Quick Contact" icon, and you can then tap the one you want. If you don't see the "Call" option at all, that means you don't have a phone number for that contact.

Step 7

Press the green phone icon to begin the call.

Tips & Warnings

  • The options that display when you tap the "Quick Contact" icon can also include text messaging, mapping and other shortcuts, depending on the apps on your device and the contact information you have for the sender.