How to Make a Certificate Online for Free

If you need to make a quick certificate, think about creating one online. There are free, fully designed blank certificates or customizable templates online. You may type the recipient's name on the certificate and print it out directly from the website or you may print out a blank certificate and then write down the recipient's name manually. Using an online certificate can save time and money, particularly if you need more than one.

Certificate Maker

Step 1

Make a free certificate online at You may use one of the certificates already created on the website or create a blank certificate. To create a blank certificate, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Just Create a Blank Certificate Now" and get started.

Step 2

Choose the certificate category and design you want. You will be routed to a portable document format (PDF) page where you can type in the recipient's title, name and any other information you want to include.

Step 3

Select the "Click to Print" button once you're done.

Printable Certificate Maker

Step 1

Visit to make a free certificate of your choice.

Step 2

Click on the "Get Started Now" link to create a personalized certificate. You may make a printable certificate for boys, girls, businesses or marriage/religious purposes. Alternatively, you can create your own certificate for perfect attendance, student awards or any other occasion or honor.

Step 3

Choose your template design or border for the online certificate by clicking on the thumbnail of the design desired.

Step 4

Type in all the information you'd like to include on the certificate, such as the certificate title, recipient's name, subtitle, reason for recognition, date and class/grade. Then click on the "Make It!" button to proceed.

Step 5

Print out the free certificate directly from the website.

Step 6

Select "Other Printable Certificates" if you'd prefer. You'll find certificates that are already completed. To use these, click on the link below the thumbnail of the certificate and download the certificate to your computer or simply print it out.

Things You'll Need

  • Printer

  • Paper


To cut ink costs, print in black and white. Use better paper for a more official-looking certificate.