How to Make a Jigsaw Puzzle Using MS Word

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Create your own jigsaw puzzle.

You may know he master of the 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle, but how would he fare against a custom puzzle you created? You can create your own jigsaw puzzles using Microsoft Word. You make puzzles by adding an image into a blank document and dividing that image into shapes that will eventually become the pieces to your puzzle. You can make these homemade jigsaw puzzles with images from your favorite movies or pictures of your family and friends.


Step 1

Choose an image that you want to turn into a jigsaw puzzle. Download this image from online or create a digital copy on your computer.

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Step 2

Launch MS Word and start a new blank document.


Step 3

Select "Insert" from the tool bar at the top of the screen. Click on "Picture" and locate the file location of your image. Click "Insert" when you have chosen the image.

Step 4

Click on the boxes located around the perimeter of the image. Drag the boxes to resize the image, making it larger or smaller to fit onto the page.


Step 5

Click on "Insert" from the tool bar and select "Shapes." Choose the rectangle under "Basic Shapes."

Step 6

Click and drag your mouse from the top left corner of the image to the bottom right corner. Release the mouse button to place your rectangle.


Step 7

Select "Format" from the tool bar and select "Shape Fill." Choose the "No Fill" option so that your rectangle acts as a border for your puzzle.

Step 8

Select "Insert" from the tool bar and click on "Shapes." Select the straight line from under the "Line" heading.



Step 9

Click and hold your mouse button down on any area of the image. Drag the mouse to create a short line.

Step 10

Return to the "Shape" menu and select the straight line again.

Step 11

Add a line connecting to the previously drawn line. This will begin to create pieces for the jigsaw puzzle.


Step 12

Continue adding lines and creating shapes for your puzzle. The more shapes you create, the more pieces your puzzle will have.

Step 13

Save and print your jigsaw puzzle out onto card stock paper.

Step 14

Cut along the lines you drew in MS Word to create your puzzle pieces. Challenge someone to put together your homemade jigsaw puzzle.

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