How to Make a Conference Call on Skype

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How to Make a Conference Call on Skype. The most popular feature of the Web-based Skype is the ability to make phone calls, including conference calls, from the convenience of your own computer. Here's how to make a conference call on Skype:


Make a Conference Call

Step 1

Open Skype and log in with your user name and password.

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Step 2

Click the Contacts tab in the main section of your Skype window.


Step 3

Find your friend's contact information and double-click the name.

Step 4

Find another friend from your contacts list whom you'd like to invite to your conference call. Right-click his or her name and select "Invite to Conference" from the menu that appears.


Step 5

Alternatively, invite multiple contacts to a conference call at the same time by clicking each contact name as you hold down the Ctrl (control) key. Once you have selected the contacts you'd like to invite, click the "Invite Selected Contacts to Conference Call" button.


Step 6

Another way to create a conference call on Skype is to select the contacts you'd like to talk with. Hold down the Ctrl key as you click on multiple names.


Step 7

Click "Tools" on the horizontal menu along the top of the application window.

Step 8

Select "Create a Conference Call." Choose any additional contacts you'd like to invite via the menu that appears.



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