How to Make a Fan Video

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How to Make a Fan Video. A fan video is a great way to showcase your creativity and love for a show or movie. Fans put together their favorite scenes and set them to music. Another type of fan video requires actual filming; people act like specific characters and those clips are also set to music. Then the videos are uploaded to the web to share with others who like the same show or movie. Follow these steps to create your own fan video.


Step 1

Make sure you have the necessary equipment. You must have the ability to upload TV shows or movies to your computer and a video-editing program. If you are taping your own clips, you will need a video camera. The editing program will allow you to cut and edit the video footage from the show or your camera and put the clips together.


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Step 2

Decide which TV show or movie you will feature in your fan video. If you are using scenes from an actual show or movie, you will obviously need to be able to access it to upload it to your computer.

Step 3

Act the part. If you are interested in filming your own scenes, create a plot for your video. Then, prepare your script, costumes and make-up. Get some friends or family to act in your scenes.


Step 4

Determine your theme. Good fan videos have an overall theme. For example, you might focus on a prominent relationship between two characters or feature some of the funniest moments in the show or movie.

Step 5

Select the scenes from the TV show or movie that fit well with your theme, and then choose a song to go along with your video clips. You need a song that meshes well with your theme and makes the video fun to watch.

Step 6

Upload your fan video to a video sharing website once it is complete.