How to Make a Free Website With a Free Domain Name

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You can create and maintain a website for free at several sites. Many of these companies will guide you through the setup and design process of creating your own website. In addition, you will be able to come up with your own website domain name, and maintain it for free.


Step 1

Visit various websites offering free domain names and website design help. Compare the various sites for your needs; many of the free sites offer varying amounts of storage space and all have different design platforms. See Resources.

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Step 2

Choose your domain name. Have several options in mind as the one you want may already be taken.


Step 3

Register your domain name with the site, and complete all required registration for your web page.

Step 4

Choose a template and design platform for your website. Your web hosting site will provide you with a variation of designs, colors and themes to choose from. You will not need web design experience for this. Many of the templates are simple to navigate, and you will be able to add text, photos and video easily to the site.


Step 5

Add all of the text, information, photos and videos you want to your web page. Continue to update it regularly.



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