How to Make an HDMI Cable From a CAT5

CAT5 is widely used to make HDMI cables and transmit HDMI cable data.

High definition multimedia interface (HDMI) cables employ 19 individual connectors. In addition, the tools and user-serviceable end pieces are not readily available. For those wanting to make HDMI cables from Category 5 Ethernet-style cables, the solution lies with baluns. These are devices that alter the wiring pattern of two CAT5 cables, converting them internally to HDMI. Although a couple of short HDMI cables are needed, the use of CAT5 and baluns solves the problem of long runs and a slim profile.

Step 1

Access the rear panel of the HDMI-equipped component serving as the source. Find the HDMI port.

Step 2

Insert a short HDMI cable into the port on the component, and the "In" HDMI port on the sending balun.

Step 3

Clip one end of two CAT5 cables into the sending balun. Route the CAT5 cables to their destination, and clip the other ends to the receiving balun.

Step 4

Plug a short HDMI cable from the receiving balun to the receiver or display.

Step 5

Plug the supplied AC power adapter into either the sending or receiving balun.

Things You'll Need

  • HDMI baluns

  • (2) HDMI cables

  • (2) Category 5 cables

  • AC power source

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