How to Send a Message at Badoo

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How to Send a Message at Badoo. Badoo is one of the few international social-networking sites on the web. They look to connect members on both a local and global level. Their goal is for users to share their lives, while connecting with both old and new friends. Once you get on Badoo, you can send messages to other users.


Step 1

Sign in to your account, or create a new account. Registration on the Badoo site is free and only takes a few minutes. After you register, you can use your selected username and password to log in.

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Step 2

Find a person that you want to message. You need to use the search feature on the Badoo website to find people to whom you want to write.


Step 3

Go to their profile page, and find the "Write me a message" link. Click on this link and a new window pops up. You'll see a form to send your message.

Step 4

Type your message into the space provided. Click the "Enter" button found at the bottom of the web page, and your message is sent to the Badoo member. If you have no idea what to say, Badoo offers message suggestions at the top of the messaging form.


You may change your messaging settings once you have joined Badoo. You can allow all users to message you or only members who have a photo and most of their profile filled out. You can receive online notifications via email when a person messages you. Go to the "Settings" page to adjust this feature.