How to Make Any Outlet a Phone Jack

By Kristina Marie

There seems to always be a need for a phone jack but never a jack where you need it. Wireless technology has made it possible for you to turn any electrical outlet into a phone jack. A wireless phone jack consists of a base unit that plugs into an existing phone line and transmits to a wireless jack extension that you plug into any outlet. There are many brands of wireless jacks available and they can be purchased at most department stores and on the Internet.

Things You'll Need

  • Telephone jack
  • Electrical outlet
  • Wireless phone jack base
  • Wireless phone jack extension
  • Corded telephone

Step 1

Locate an electrical outlet that is near a phone jack. Plug the base unit into the electrical outlet. Plug the phone cord supplied with the unit into the base and then into the phone jack.

Step 2

Plug any device you had previously plugged into this jack into the base unit instead. The base unit will have two ports. They may be labeled specifically, one for device and one for phone line. If the ports are not labeled, plug into either port.

Step 3

Set the selection switch on the base unit to voice for phone and data for all other devices. Units will vary, but all will have a switch for selecting the device you will be plugging into the base unit. The selection switch could be labeled "S" speech or "C" computer or some variation of voice and data.

Step 4

Turn power on to the base unit. An indicator light on the base unit will turn green when it is properly connected to both a power outlet and a phone jack.

Step 5

Plug the wireless extension unit into any electrical outlet. Plug your phone, fax machine, computer modem, or satellite receiver directly into the jack on the wireless extension unit. Set the appropriate selection switch for voice or data. Usually, a green indicator light on the extension unit will let you know the connection has been established.

Step 6

Test your wireless jack extension for a dial tone using a corded phone.

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