How to Make Business Cards in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word contains many professionally-designed templates to facilitate the creation of an attractive card to promote you and your business. Once you select a template, a page full of identical cards ready for editing is displayed in your document. Customize one, and it is replicated to the others. Then, print on the paper of your choice.

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Multiple cards per page
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Design the Card

Your business card provides information to your customers that goes beyond the printed text. A well-designed card makes a good, lasting impression representing you and your business. When designing your card, select a font and size that are easy to read... not too small, not too ornate. Include all of your contact information and a high quality graphic if it's relevant. Keep ample space between elements on the card to give it a clean, uncluttered look. by investing a little time in the design phase.

Create the Card

In Word, click the File menu and then New. Enter "business cards" in the Search for Online Templates field and then press Enter or click the Search icon. Select a business card template from the list. An overview of your card describing the size and the Avery-compatible products displays. Use the left and right arrows that flank the overview to flip through other templates. Alternatively, type your product number in the search box to ensure that your chosen template matches your business card paper.

Details about the selected template
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Once you find an appropriate template, click Create. At this point, focus on the card layout more than anything else. Replace the text on one of the cards with your own. To edit a text box, click on the box and type to replace the existing text. Edit all text boxes. If the template includes an unnecessary placeholder -- a website for example -- highlight it and press the Delete key to remove it or right-click and choose Remove Content Control. If the selected template has a placeholder for a logo, select the Replace with Logo box and click the Image icon to browse for a file or to search for an image.

Print the Card

The final step is to preview and print your cards. Do a test-run by printing one page on regular paper before printing many pages on your special business card paper. This provides the opportunity to double check for accuracy and to ensure that you're satisfied with the final appearance. If the document doesn't print as expected, go to the Mailings tab, choose Labels, and then Options. Select your product vendor and then find your product number. Commonly used Avery products such as #5371 for a laser printer and #8371 for an inkjet printer produce standard size white business cards, but there are many other vendors and products listed. Click the Detail button if minor adjustments to dimensions are needed. Find other Avery options on its website.

Label Options
credit: K O'Driscoll
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