How to Make Call Forwarding Forward Text Messages

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In some situations, it may be in your best interest to have your call forwarding service forward any text messages you receive to another viewing platform. Although, given today's rapidly evolving mobile technology, the concept of call forwarding is becoming somewhat dated, methods still exist which you can use to ensure that calls received by one number are sent to another of your choosing. You can also configure specific services to forward text messages in a similar fashion. Whatever your particular needs may be, creating this particular call forwarding service can be accomplished quickly and easily.


Call and Text Forwarding: Basics

Currently, all of the major domestic cell phone providers often some form of call forwarding services. In many cases, creating an effective call forwarding system is as simple as accessing your wireless providers service menu, selecting the appropriate call forwarding option and inputting the specific phone number that you wish to have your calls and text messages forwarded to. Although the specific terminology and steps to complete this process may vary slightly between wireless carriers, there is very little difference in this methodology overall.


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Assessing Call Forwarding With Computers

In some situations, you may prefer to have your calls and text messages forwarded directly to your computer. This can typically be accomplished in much the same fashion as you would traditional call forwarding, although you may be required to use a smartphone app rather than a telephone-based service to complete this process. Verizon, for example, allows both call and text forwarding to computers and provides users with the tools to enable this through their text forwarding app. As could be expected, virtually all of the major carriers provide the same degree of flexibility and functionality through their smartphone app platforms.


If you have any questions about this process, you will likely be able to find the answers you need through internet research or by contact a member of your wireless provider's customer service team. Visiting a store and speaking directly with a custom service representative can also be highly effective and more time-efficient over the long term.


Deactivating Call and Text Forwarding

Once you have created your call forwarding system, you will most likely be able to deactivate it as easily as you created it. Always ensure that you have the information you need to deactivate any call forwarding systems you have created before implementing these changes, particularly if you are having your calls and text messages forwarded to a phone that does not belong exclusively to you.