How to Check Your Bill Balance From Your Phone

You can check your bill balance by texting or calling your service provider.

Most cell phone service providers offer a quick, easy way for customers to check their bill balance. On several services, customers can send a text to their service provider requesting a bill balance, which is sent to the phone as a free text message. Other services ask that you dial a toll-free number, which connects you to an automated system that lists the balance.

By Text

Step 1

Create a new text message.

Step 2

In the "to" field, type in the following code, depending on your service provider:

AT&T: _BAL# (_225#) T-Mobile: #BAL# (#225#) Verizon: #BAL (#225)

Step 3

Press "Send."

By Phone

Step 1

Dial the following, depending on your service provider:

U.S. Cellular: 611 Sprint: 4 MetroPCS: 99 AT&T: 611 T-Mobile: 611 Verizon: *611

Step 2

Press send to make the call.

Step 3

Enter your telephone number as prompted by the automated answering service. Follow the prompts to hear your current balance.