How to Make CD and DVD Labels Using Microsoft Publisher

By Jenny Hansen

Publisher 2013 offers several built-in templates for creating media labels for DVDs and CDs.

Things You'll Need

  • Buy these items in advance:
  • * Printable labels for your CDs or DVDs.

Choose Your Media Label

Step 1

Choose your **label template** after you open Publisher by clicking on the **Built-In** templates and scrolling down and selecting the **Labels** folder.

Step 2

Scroll down to the **Media** section under labels and double-click on the **All media** folder. There is a **Blank (Avery 8931)** label available, but the _All media_ folder offers more options.

Step 3

Scroll down to the **CD/DVD Labels** section and choose the label you want to use. This might be dependent upon the type of printable labels you purchased.

Step 4

Choose the label and then experiment with color schemes and fonts in the **Customize** pane on the right side of the screen. Press the **Create** button to generate the label.

Step 5

Edit **Business Information**, such as the company address and phone number by clicking **Create new...** under Business Information. Fill out the fields in the dialog box and press **Save**.

Edit Your Media Label

Step 1

Click into each field of your new label to edit information. You can simply type over the existing placeholder information.

Step 2

Use the hover toolbar to format the edited text or right-click to make changes using the shortcut menu.

Step 3

Find more text and formatting options by selecting the area you wish to edit and browsing the Drawing Tools or Text Box Tools ribbons.

Tips & Warnings

  • Resizing any of the placeholder boxes in these labels will often result in cutting off text in the final printing. If you must resize something to fit, change the font size.