How to Make Pics Out of Keyboard Buttons

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Use keyboard characters to produce works of art.

Emoticons are small pictures created by keyboard symbols, such as a colon and parenthesis for a smiley face. There are a number of popular emoticons, which are especially useful in conveying emotion in an informal digital setting, such as a text message or an informal email.Emoticons, however, are only one type of picture that one can create using the symbols on a keyboard. A graphic designer can draw complex works of art using only a word processor as her canvas and keyboard symbols as her brush. You, too, can draw basic or complex pictures using your computer keyboard.


Step 1

Determine the level of sophistication you want your picture to reflect. Pictures made from keyboard keys can range in level anywhere from simple emoticons to detailed works of art. Before you decide to draft your picture, you will need to decide how detailed you want it to be. Consider that the more complex the drawing, the longer it will take to draft and complete it and the more revisions you will need to make before completion.


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Step 2

Sketch your drawing on a piece of paper. Regardless of how complex your keyboard picture will be, make sure that your sketch is one that represents the final product, even if the keys you will eventually use are those to create a smiley face. The sketch should be detailed and thorough to provide as much information as possible for when you transcribe it using the keyboard. The sketch will also establish how large you want your image to be.


Step 3

Select the keys that you will need to use for your drawing. Look for features in your sketch that might lend themselves easily to symbols or other characters on the keyboard. For example, a closed eye could be a dash if the face is expressionless or an accent mark if the face is smiling. Your computer's word processor may offer more characters than what you are limited to by using the keyboard.


Step 4

Draft your drawing on the computer using the appropriate keyboard keys. Select an application that suits your needs; however, a word processor may offer the most flexibility in terms of character selection. Do not worry about perfection on your first attempt.

Step 5

Evaluate your picture. The first draft may not look exactly as you imagined it would, but there is plenty of opportunity to make changes. Focus on the areas that need improvement, and see if you can adjust the issue based on spacing or the symbol you selected.


Step 6

Revise your work and reevaluate it. If you are still unsatisfied with your picture, continue making any necessary revisions until you are satisfied. There is no maximum number of drafts you can produce. If you are satisfied with your work, no further revisions are necessary.

Step 7

Save your picture and give it a title. These pictures can be quite time consuming and very detailed, so make sure that you consider your name carefully -- as an artist might for his paintings.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper

  • Pencil