How to Make Regular Speakers Wireless

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Standard speakers can be transformed into wireless speakers with the right equipment.

While turning regular speakers into wireless speakers may sound quite difficult, there's a number of kits on the market that make it simple. No wireless speaker or kit is 100 percent wireless, but wireless systems do cut out those long, unsightly wire runs around the room. In essence, all you are looking to do is send the audio signal to the speakers via infrared or radio waves rather than speaker cable.


Step 1

Purchase a wireless speaker kit. These kits include a transmitter that hooks into your stereo receiver or other audio component and a receiver or several receivers that connect to your speakers. These kits are primarily designed for rear speakers since wiring front speakers is not usually a problem.


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Step 2

Set up the transmitter. Hook the transmitter up to your stereo receiver or other audio component such as a TV or DVD player. Use a digital connection whenever possible. The specific connection that you make (coaxial, optical, RCA, headphone jack, speaker level connection) will depend upon the available inputs and outputs of your transmitter and your audio source respectively.


Step 3

Set up the receiver. You may have one receiver to wire both of your rear speakers or a receiver for each speaker. Set each receiver up near the speakers. You will also need to set the receiver up near an electrical outlet or run an extension cord because it requires power to operate. If the system uses infrared technology, you'll need to put all the receivers somewhere where there is an open visual line with the transmitter.



Step 4

Connect the speakers to the receiver with speaker cable. Remember to pay attention to the polarity and connect positive terminals together and negative terminals together.

Step 5

Plug both the transmitter and wireless receivers in and turn the system on. Play your audio source and test out your new wireless setup. Adjust the settings and speaker placement as needed.

Things You'll Need

  • Receiver or amplifier

  • Speakers

  • Wireless kit (transmitter and receiver(s))

  • Audio cable

  • Speaker cable


Radio-based wireless kits offer more flexibility for receiver/speaker placement and often work through walls, making them a good option if you want speakers in another room.


Wireless speakers do not offer the same sound quality as wired speakers. Purchasing a kit will also be an added expense. Consider carefully whether converting your speakers to wireless is the best option.



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