How to Make Your Mobile Number Unknown

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Many mobile phone users don't have home phones anymore. That makes their mobile phone numbers the only way to reach these users. When your mobile phone number is your lifeline, though, you may be wary about giving it out. With caller ID so prevalent on mobile phones, though, calling an unknown or untrusted phone number may put your phone number in the wrong hands. Protect your mobile phone number with a simple caller-ID-blocking method.


Step 1

Turn on your mobile phone. Press the green call button.

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Step 2

Dial *67, followed by the phone number you wish to reach.

Step 3

Press the red "end call" button to disconnect the call.


Some mobile service providers offer a permanent block on your caller ID on your phone number. If available, call customer service to enable the feature. If you enable permanent caller ID blocking on your mobile phone, you must dial *87 each time you want your caller ID to show your phone number.


These settings may not work depending on your handset. Some mobile phones have the option to block your caller ID right from the Settings menu. Without knowing your mobile provider or mobile phone brand, it’s hard to be specific. If you have any problems using 67 or 87, contact your mobile provider’s customer service department for more help.