How to Monitor Internet Data Usage

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While most cable and DSL Internet providers don't enforce a bandwidth limit for Internet access, many wireless network providers do. With a limited amount of bandwidth to use per month, you'll want to make sure that you don't go over that limit or else you might be charged extra fees. You can install one of a few applications to monitor your Internet usage data--this way, you'll always know how much data you're using.


Step 1

Download NetStat Live from AnalogX. This application will monitor your Internet connection and let you know how much data you've used during an Internet session. In addition, NetStat Live also lets you see how fast your Internet connection is.

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Step 2

Install NetMeter. The NetMeter software lets you see what your Internet data usage is for the month, ensuring you don't go over your limit if you only have a certain amount of bandwidth to use. NetMeter also produces data-usage reports that you can view for daily, weekly and monthly usage.



Step 3

Visit the ZDNet website and download Internet Access Monitor for Squid. This software allows you to see how much bandwidth is being consumed during Internet browsing sessions and will also let you view where that data was downloaded from.



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