How to Move the Internet Explorer Favorites Bar

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Internet Explorer 8 provides you with quite a few options to customize the look and feel of your browser. The Favorites bar shows your pinned favorites and is located next to the "Favorites" button by default. You can move the bar next to the Command bar, if you wish. The move frees up space in your Internet Explorer browser and condenses everything into two small toolbars.


Step 1

Launch Internet Explorer. Right-click "Favorites." The toolbar options will appear.

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Step 2

Click "Lock the toolbars," if there is a check mark. If there is no check mark next to "Lock the toolbars," exit the toolbar options.


Step 3

Click and hold the gray and dotted vertical line next to the Favorites bar. Your mouse pointer will turn into two bold lines and two bold arrows. There are multiple dotted lines; the one that belongs to the Favorite's bar is next to the icon that appears as a star with a green arrow.


Step 4

Move your mouse down to move the Favorites bar to the same level as the Command bar. This is the only other location the Favorites bar can be moved to. You can move the bar further to the right by dragging your mouse to the right, but your Favorites links will disappear if you move the bar too far to the right. You can access the hidden links by clicking the small "Double arrow" icon.



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