How to Obtain the Current Location of a Cell Phone

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Technology provides a number of ways to obtain the current location of a cell phone.

Finding the location of a cell phone can be challenging; however, technological advances enable individuals to locate them with increased accuracy. GPS (global positioning satellites) can now track the exact location of devices in a matter of seconds, which can help you track the location of loved ones or reunite you with a lost cell phone. If your phone isn't equipped with a GPS chip, there are still several options available to help you locate your device.


Step 1

Place a phone call to your device and see if anyone answers it. If someone does answer, it may be possible to arrange a way for them to return it or give you its location so you may retrieve it.

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Step 2

Use a program, available from most cellular phone providers, to track the location of a cell phone using GPS satellites. Download the program needed to your computer desktop. Some versions rely on a web-based application that can be accessed via your Internet browser. If your phone isn't equipped with a GPS chip or your service provider doesn't offer a tracking service, you can use another company to up-fit your phone with a GPS tracking device and provide tracking services.



Step 3

Register your phone with an online service such as This will require you to enter your phone's serial number along with your contact information. If someone locates your phone and enters its serial number into the website, they will be able to contact you and give you its current location so you can retrieve it.



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