How to Change a Primary Account Holder on T-Mobile

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T-Mobile does allow the primary account holder name to be changed if certain conditions are met.

At times, it may be necessary to change the primary account holder on your T-Mobile wireless account. Divorce, conflict of interest or multiline accounts are just a few reasons why the account would be switched into another's name. You can change the entire account into your name, with the current account holder's permission. At T-Mobile, you can change the primary account name on one or more lines while any other lines remain in the original name.


Step 1

Obtain permission from the current account holder. You will need the full agreement of the current account holder before the primary name can be changed. The current account holder must be available to verify the account and speak with a representative.

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Step 2

Contact the T-Mobile Customer Service department by dialing 611 from your cell phone. The account must be fully verified. It is best to have the current account holder with you on the line to make this process easier. Also, a T-Mobile representative can contact the current account holder on a separate line while you remain on hold if you cannot reach the account holder.


Step 3

Update the account information. You will need to provide your full name, specify which lines you will be responsible for, your current address and Social Security number.


Step 4

Submit to a credit check. T-Mobile requires a credit check of any customer entering into a wireless contract. Upon credit approval, the lines will be moved to a new account with your name as the primary account holder. If you are taking control of the entire account, your information will take the place of the prior account holder.


Step 5

Accept the terms and conditions. You will be required to accept the terms and agreements of the wireless contract, including taking full responsibility for payments, usage and early contract termination fees.




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