How to Open a New Hotmail Account

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Setting up a Hotmail account is easy and free.

An email account is a vital social, work and even financial tool. Email allows messages, images and documents to be sent from one person to another without cost. A well-chosen email address can allow you to advertise your business and reveal your personal characteristics to the world. Many workplaces require people to use a network of in-house email services. Someone may wish to have an additional email address as well for personal correspondence. An email address can be purchased or may be available for free. One of the most widely used email services is MSN's Hotmail. Setting up a Hotmail account is very easy.


Step 1

Go the website MSN stands for Microsoft Network. The Microsoft home page contains information about health issues, entertainment figures and current news. In the very upper right-hand quadrant of the page you will see the phrase "sign in." Click on this phrase.

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Step 2

Read the next screen that comes up. The screen will have two options. The first will display a Hotmail address if you or someone else who uses the computer has an existing account. The second will ask, "new to MSN?" and ask you if you want to sign up. Click on this button.


Step 3

View the next screen that pops up. A button will ask if you want to sign up for a new Hotmail account. Click continue and you'll be brought to new screen where you'll be asked a series of questions. You'll be asked to input where you live and create a password and details about the name you want to appear on the account. You don't have to put your real name on the email account if you don't want to. You'll also be asked security questions.


Step 4

Pick an email account address. The address can be anything you want as long as you aren't using obscene words or the account address already belongs to another person. Think about how you want the account to read to other people. A business person may want to use the name of his business in the email. An MSN Hotmail account can also serve as a catch-all basic email account for keeping in touch with family and friends. If you have an uncommon name, your name probably isn't taken and you can use it. If you have a more common name consider using your middle name in the address.


Step 5

Click on the "I accept" button after you've filled in all information. After you've done this you'll be brought back to the MSN home page, where you sign into your new Hotmail account and start sending out emails.


Set up more than one Hotmail account as a backup in case you are unable to access the first account.