How to Open Magnetic DVD Locks

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You can unlock a magnetic DVD lock at home and watch that new movie.

Just got home with a DVD that you're excited to watch, but realized too late that the magnetic lock wasn't removed? If the the library, store or movie rental shop forgot to remove the magnetic lock, you can remove it yourself at home. All you need are two magnets. This can save you a trip back to the place where you got the DVD, which may not be possible if it's after hours.


Step 1

Hold the DVD case so that the side with the magnetic lock, or the side that will open, is facing upward.

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Step 2

Find the spots on the case where the interior magnets are located. On the right edge of the case, slide a magnet slowly up and down the edge until you find two spots where the magnet is attracted. One spot will have a stronger attraction than the other. Note where both of these spots are, and which is stronger and which is weaker.


Step 3

On the right edge, place a magnet where the weaker attraction is. On the opposite edge, place a magnet where the stronger attraction is on the right side. This will pull both of the magnets in.

Step 4

Slide both magnets up and down a little bit, simultaneously, until you hear the lock click, indicating that you've unlocked it.

Step 5

Take the magnets off the case and open the case.


This procedure should not be used for illegal activities.