How to Open Up an Acer Laptop

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Taking apart an Acer laptop, though it may look simple, can be a confusing and frustrating operation. You don't just unscrew and pull parts off like you do with the side panel of a regular computer. There are other components and parts to take off before you open up your Acer laptop. Opening up your Acer laptop is a matter of staying organized.


Step 1

Unplug the laptop from all power sources, speakers, keyboards and mouse devices. Nothing should be plugged in to the laptop when you're working on it. Cords get in the way and can potentially damage the service operation.

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Step 2

Take items off the bottom of your Acer laptop, before you open it up. Unclick the battery pack from the battery pack slot on the bottom of your Acer laptop. Unscrew the compartment for the HDD module on your Acer laptop; this is located under its own door on the underside of the laptop.


Step 3

Unscrew your optical drive module located right by the HDD Module. Removing these items helps protect the individual components of the computer as well as making the cover easier to access.

Step 4

Remove all screws holding the top cover onto the laptop. It sounds strange, but you'll need to do this on the bottom of the laptop. You'll take off about 20 screws in all. Make sure again that all cables and power sources are disconnected before you do this.



Step 5

Turn the computer up again to a normal position. Carefully remove the top cover. Don't force it or jerk on it; try wiggling it out if it won't come loose. If it doesn't come off, check to be sure that you got all the screws out. You have now opened up an Acer laptop.




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