How to Pair Bluetooth Devices With the iPad

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Bluetooth devices like headsets and keyboards can be paired to an Apple iPad in a matter of seconds. The process is not much different than pairing a device to a computer.

Enabling Bluetooth

Tap Settings on the iPad Home screen and tap Bluetooth. Tap the On/Off toggle if it's gray to turn it on.

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It takes several seconds for Bluetooth devices to appear on the screen.
Image Credit: Screenshot courtesy of Apple.

Pairing the Device

Make sure the Bluetooth device is turned on. If there is a Pair or Connect button on the device, press it now. The Logitech keyboard used for this demonstration has a Connect button on the underside that must be pressed until the connection is made.

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Wait a minute or so for the iPad to connect to the Bluetooth device. The device should be in close proximity to the iPad, but doesn't have to be right next to it. As long as they're in the same room -- within 33 feet -- they should connect.

The keyboard is successfully connected here.
Image Credit: Screenshot courtesy of Apple.

When the iPad does connect, it will first display the name of the device. After a few seconds more, it will state that it is Connected or Not Connected. The iPad may display instructions, like typing a code onto a keyboard. If the connection is successful, you're done. You can close Settings.

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If the iPad states that the device is Not Connected, tap the i icon beside the device name and tap Forget This Device.

Turn off the Bluetooth device and try connecting it again. If it still doesn't work, make sure the device has fresh batteries and consult the manufacturer's documentation.

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Tap the i icon if the connection isn't successful.
Image Credit: Screenshot courtesy of Apple.