How to Post a JPG Anonymously

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Posting an image anonymously requires careful preparation.

Sharing files on the Internet is easier than ever, thanks to a myriad of photo-sharing sites and file-upload sites. However, when you post an image online, you are usually posting information about yourself as well. While it is true that no matter what you do, someone who is skilled enough can find out who you are, there are steps you can take to anonymously post an image online.


Step 1

Open the JPG in an image-editing program. Go to the file properties, and delete the camera information from the file. When a camera takes a picture, information about the camera is attached to the file. You want to delete this information, since it is virtually your digital fingerprint. If there are any identifiable features in the photo, such as license plates or house numbers, paint over them and save the image.


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Step 2

Set up a proxy connection if you are using your own computer. A proxy connection lets you route your data through another computer, so a website sees that other computer is the one uploading the image. There are "anonymizer" websites that do this, as well as services such as the Tor network.


Step 3

Use a public computer instead of your own. This is another way to hide your identity online, since the public computer does not contain your personal information.


Step 4

Post the image to a site that does not require a login. There are a number of websites that allow posting of images anonymously. These sites will usually delete the images after a period of inactivity.



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