How to Print Out a Detailed Text Message Conversation

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Use your home computer to print any text message.

Having a printed copy of a detailed text message conversation can be helpful in several different situations. If you're using your cellular device to conduct business, this will record details of a direction all parties have agreed upon. If you're having problems with someone harassing you, a printed copy might be needed for evidence. Or maybe you just want to keep a conversation for sentimental purposes. Whatever the reason, there's one way to save and print that will work with even the most basic of cell phones.


Step 1

Open the most recent message. If your device allows threaded text messaging--meaning all texts sent and received are shown in one conversation--the most recent message will include the entire thread. If your phone does not thread messages, send each message individually.

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Step 2

Forward the conversation as a message. With the thread open, choose "Forward" from your phone's messaging menu.

Step 3

Email the message to your home email account. In the "To:" field, use your keypad to type in your email address. Even without a QWERTY keyboard, use multi-tap or T9 to insert letters. Select "Send."


Step 4

Open the message from the email inbox on your home computer. Check that all the details are included, such as sender, recipient, dates and times.


Step 5

Print the conversation. With the message open on your computer, select "Print" and send to whichever printer you're connected to.



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