How to Print Using a USB Flash Drive

Image Credit: Paul Tearle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

A USB flash drive is a helpful removable storage device that makes it easy to store and transfer files and documents. A USB flash drive makes these documents accessible on various computers, but even some printers allow jobs taken directly from USB flash drives, bypassing the need for a PC.

Step 1

Insert the USB flash drive's supplying end into the printer's USB port.

Step 2

Press the navigation keys below the printer's LCD screen to view the files and documents stored to the USB flash drive.

Step 3

Press the printer's middle navigation button to select the document you want to open. (A small preview of the document will only be available for viewing, only, on the LCD screen.)

Step 4

Press the "Print Setup" key on the printer's keypad to configure your print settings.

Step 5

Choose the size you want the document to be, its orientation, and color resolution and quality settings, when the print configurations and settings appear.

Step 6

Press the "Print" action, once you have set up the document to be printed.


Make sure the printer is USB compatible before attempting to conduct this printing process. Otherwise, you will have to connect the USB flash drive to a computer, and print the document from the USB flash drive, through the computer. This same process is still valid for printing instruction, the only difference is the computer takes the place of the LCD screen.