How to Program a Dish 3.2 IR Remote

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The Dish Network 3.2 IR remote control is easily programmed to control your TV, VCR and DVD player.

The Dish Network 3.2 IR remote control accompanies several different satellite receiver boxes to control viewing options, settings and channel changing. This remote control can be programmed to control all of the audio and visual devices connected to the receiver. DVD players, VCRs, televisions and surround sounds are just a few of the types of devices programmable with the 3.2 IR remote control. This easy-to-use remote control eliminates the need for a different remote control for each different device.


Step 1

Locate the "Mode" buttons at the top of the remote control. The buttons are labeled SAT, TV, VCR and AUX. The SAT key is already programmed to control your satellite console receiver. The AUX button can be programmed to control DVD players, surround sounds and other audio and visual auxiliary components.

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Step 2

Point the remote at the device you are programming. Hold down the "Mode" button for that device. For example, if you are programming a VCR, hold down the "VCR" button. When all four of the "Mode" buttons have lighted up, release the button. The "Mode" button you are programming is now flashing on and off.


Step 3

Press the large red "Power" button. This signals the remote to access the internal programming codes.

Step 4

Move the blue up and down arrows to access the different programming codes that relate to your device. You may have to move through the codes several times to access the correct one. Once the correct program code is recognized, the device will power off.



Step 5

Press the "Pound" or "#" key to save the device's program code. Hit the red "Power" button to power the device back on. This process will have to be done with each of the different devices you wish to program into the remote control.