How to Program a Dish Network Remote 3.0 IR to a TV

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Program Dish Network remote

A Dish Network remote 3.0 IR will control more than just the satellite box. The Dish Network remote can also control devices such as your DVD player and TV set. This will give you the option of only using one remote for all of the devices that make up your entertainment system. In order to control your TV with a Dish Network Remote 3.0 IR, that remote will first need to be programmed to the television set by cycling through different codes until you come upon the correct code.


Step 1

Turn your TV on by using the remote for your TV or by pressing the "Power" button that is on that television set.

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Step 2

Point the Dish Network remote at the TV.

Step 3

Hold down the "TV" button located on the Dish Network remote until the "mode lights" on the remote (DVD, AUX, etc.) light up.


Step 4

Release the "TV" button and then press it once more. Do not hold down the button this time.

Step 5

Press the channel-up button that is on the Dish Network remote. Continue pressing the same button until the television set turns off. This may take a couple of minutes, as there are many, many available TV codes that will need to be cycled through.


Step 6

Press "#" on the Dish Network remote to save the code.

Step 7

Test the Dish Network remote by attempting to turn the TV on with the remote. If the set does turn on, your Dish Network remote has been programmed correctly. Repeat the entire process if the remote does not control your TV.