How to Program a Motorola Universal Remote

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The Motorola Universal Remote is a multi-functional control device. This device monopolizes in one of the most technologically advanced ways possible. It enables users to operate multiple electronic devices with only one remote control. It can be very beneficial because it alleviates the hassle of having to repeatedly switch remotes. It also user-friendly and easy to operate. Programming the Motorola universal remote without complication is just as feasible as operating it. With simple instructions, anyone can program this remote in a short amount of time.


Step 1

Use the operation programming code list to locate the code for the electronic device you would like to control (see Resources).

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Step 2

Locate the electronic device identifier keys on your remote control (the keys labeled TV, DVD, AUX). These keys are usually located across the top of most Motorola Universal Remote control devices. Press the electronic device key for the device you wish to program. Hold that device key down for approximately 10 seconds until the LED lights flash. All of the device key LED lights will flash and the key you are holding down should remain illuminated.


Step 3

Input the four digit Motorola programming code on your remote keypad. Do not stall when entering the code because you only have 10 seconds for complete entry. Pause for approximately 2 seconds between numerical entry so the remote control can read and process your entry. The LED light should flash and reappear after each key entry. The LED light will flash three times when the remote control has successfully read and processed your code entry.

Step 4

Power on the device by pressing the "Power" key on the remote's keypad. Check the functionality of the electronic device you previously programmed by attempting to operate the device. If the electronic device recognizes the control command from the remote, you have successfully programmed the remote control.


Allow one at least 5 minutes between programming two different electronic devices. This ensures that each programming procedure has been completely processed by the remote control device. Keep your programming codes for your own personal records. This will make future programming a lot less technical. You will also be able to expedite the process.


You can only program one electronic device at one time. Do not enter more than one electronic device code at one time. Make sure your batteries are fully charged. Weak batteries can interfere with the programming process and all of your programming codes may not be implemented successfully. Do not remove the batteries from the device. If you remove the batteries from the device, there is a strong chance your codes will no longer be effective.