How to Program a Motorola Xts 2500

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Motorola's XTS 2500 is a two-way digital radio used by businesses and organizations across the globe for easy push-to-talk (PTT) communications. These radios can organize departmental communications over a series of channels. The channels may be monitored by another radio programmed to scan for traffic on them. Knowing how to program your XTS 2500 is essential to setting the proper frequencies, channels and coding, as well as to monitoring channels correctly.


Step 1

Turn your device's top knob to "On," and then press "Push to Talk (PTT)" on the left side of the radio and "Z mon" in the upper right of the key pad simultaneously. This will gain you access to programming mode. "PROG" will flash on the LCD display and the radio will chirp.

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Step 2

Set the frequency and channel to the same frequency and channel as the other radio(s) you'd like to communicate with. With "PROG" still showing on your LCD screen, use the up and down navigation arrows on your keypad to choose "Frequency" and press "MENU." The frequency will flash; use the up and down arrows to set it to the frequency you'd like program. Press "MENU" again when you are done. This will return you to the programming window. Select the frequency's proper "Channel," "Scramble code," "Bandwidth" and "Interference eliminator code" in the same way.


If any of this special coding is set, your administrator should know what it is or where to find out. It is often used for security measures. See the XTS 2500 manual in the Resources section if you need more information on special coding. If you don't have an administrator, no special coding will be needed; however, the frequency and channel will have to be agreed upon by any other people with whom you'd like to communicate over the radio.

Return to factory settings to begin fresh with a group of radios and break through programmed codes that nobody seems to know. With "PROG" on the LCD screen, simultaneously hold "PTT" and "MENU." This will reset any codes previously set for this frequency or channel.


Step 3

Continue to program regularly used frequencies into your phone, assigning them along the way to new channels, if you need to for organizational purposes. Sometimes different departments will use different frequencies on different channels, and often people will need to communicate across these departmental lines. Program in all the frequencies you will need to communicate efficiently with your coworkers.

Step 4

Set a channel's "interference eliminator code" as zero, so you can automatically overhear all communications on that channel. This is done by repeating the first section of Step 2, choosing "Interference eliminator code" and setting it to zero. You will need a manager's code to do this.


Step 5

Press "MENU" and then "PTT" to end all programming and place the XTS 2500 into standard push-to-talk mode on a selected frequency and channel. Change the frequency with your up and down arrows.


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