How to Unlock My Phone If I Forgot the Code

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Unlock your cell phone easily if you have forgotten the code.

Many cell phones come with a security option to lock your cell phone. Locking your cell phone prevents anyone from obtaining your personal information, such as text messages and contacts. Although this feature is used frequently, many tend to forget their password. You can get back into your cell phone using special security codes based on the model and carrier of your phone.


Step 1

Enter the default code of your cell phone and press the "OK" option. Most default codes will be "1234," "0000," the last four digits of your cell phone number, or Social Security number.

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Step 2

Press the pound key on your cell phone's keypad. Enter a six-digit security code. The code is most likely "000000."


Step 3

Call your cell phone provider and ask them to reset your pass code. This will either reset your password to the default pass code or will disable the pass code option all together. Disabling the pass code will allow you to choose a new code.





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