How to Program a Tivo Remote

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Program a Tivo Remote

How to Program a Tivo Remote. Your TiVo remote can become the only remote you need if you program it correctly. The TiVo remote can run the TV and your new TiVo system while also controlling the volume of the AV system (stereo system). Additional features included the TiVo remote can revolutionize your TV viewing experience.


Program a Tivo Remote

Step 1

Push the TiVo button on the remote. Then push "Messages and Settings," followed by "Settings," and finally press "Remote Control." This will show you the three areas of the remote that are programmable. "TV Power, Volume and Mute," is one section. "AV Volume and Mute," is the second section. The final section is "TV Input."

Step 2

Pick "TV Power, Volume, and Mute" by pushing right on the direction pad of the remote. This will open up a list of all the brand names of TV that exist. You will find most TV brands will be there.


Step 3

Find your brand of television and select that option. If your brand is not there, simply go to the TiVo webpage and under "Setup and Support" you will find others who have experience this issue. There you will find a code for your TV. This happens sometimes when the TV is a lesser known brand.

Step 4

Hold down the button you are programming (i.e. TV Power) for 5 seconds until the red light on top stays on. Then enter one of the codes on the screen.

Step 5

Push the newly programmable button to test its functionality. If it does not work, repeat the steps with all the possible codes available. One of the codes will work.


Step 6

Push "Live TV" at this point to watch television.

Step 7

Use the manual which came with your TiVo in addition to this guide. In the front of the booklet will be a starter guide, which will lead you through the steps necessary to set up your remote for optimum use.

Things You'll Need

  • TiVo box

  • TiVo remote

  • TiVo service subscription


There is a button on the Tivo remote that will skip to the end of a taped show. This button can be reprogrammed to simply skip ahead 30 seconds, which is great for commercial skipping. While watching a taped program, input this sequence in order: Select, Play, Select 3, 0, Select. If your remote sound is on, you should hear three quick beeps. The button is now programmed to skip ahead 30 seconds.