How to Program My Dish Remote for My New Philips TV

By Mandy Slake

The Dish Network satellite remote control is a universal remote that can be programmed to work with just about any TV. If you've purchased a new Philips TV, you can program the remote and then use it to control the volume, turn the TV on and off and adjust the channels.

Step 1

Turn on your Philips TV.

Step 2

Press and hold the "TV" button on the Dish Network remote until all four buttons on the top row turn red.

Step 3

Release the "TV" button, and the button light will begin to blink. Press the "Power" button. The "TV" button light will remain lit.

Step 4

Point the remote at your Philips TV, and press the up arrow button repeatedly until the TV powers off.

Step 5

Press the "#" button to confirm the settings.

Step 6

Test the settings by turning on the TV and adjusting the volume on the remote.