How to Put an Address on a Visa Gift Card

A Visa gift card is an option for a person who may not have a debit card linked to a bank account or a credit card linked to a line of credit. It allows you to make purchases by swiping the card at retail stores. However, if you want to use the card for online purchases, you have to register the card with an address.

Putting an Address on a Visa Gift Card

Step 1

Check the back of your Visa gift card for a phone number to your gift card service provider and instructions on how to add an address to your new card. In some cases, the service provider may also have a Web site where you can register online.

Step 2

Call the phone number for the card activation center and when prompted, select the option to speak to a representative. If adding an address to the card online, choose the option to register a new card.

Step 3

Give the representative your 16 digit Visa gift card number, expiration date and card verification value code to register the card. Provide your full name, valid address and phone number to the representative when requested to put your address on the card. Wait for confirmation that the address has been added. If completing this process online, simply enter the same information in the online form provided.

Things You'll Need

  • Visa gift card

  • Telephone

  • Computer

  • Internet


Use the same address you provided during the phone or online registration process when you use the gift card to make purchases.