How to Put an Address on a Visa Gift Card

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You can put an address on a Visa gift card.
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Visa gift cards are prepaid credit cards that are often given as gifts or rewards. They essentially function as cash but can only be used at businesses that accept Visa. The address aspect of the card is important because ordering online often requires a billing address to confirm the card belongs to you. The card will work at physical locations without an address but it should still be registered first.


How Gift Cards Work

Gift cards essentially function in the same manner as credit cards except they do not have a line of credit. They are prepaid and you can only spend the amount charged on the card. After that money is spent, you must either reload the card or discard of it completely. The cards do not have your name embossed on the card and although you do sign the back, they are not armed with the same level of security.

Make sure to keep your card safe and avoid losing the card because it does not have the security and ability to track and potentially reimburse fraudulent charges. The card is setup to swipe at merchant locations and is also capable of making online purchases if you setup a Visa gift card zip code or billing address. Some gas pumps will require a billing address and many online merchants verify the card through the address and other unique numbers on the card.


Visa Gift Card Billing Address

Setting up a Visa gift card billing address is typically very easy. In some cases, the address is setup at the point of purchase but in most scenarios it requires a call to the customer service phone number or an online registration process. If the card comes in packaging, it will show the phone number and the website address.

Check the back of the card for the toll free number and call to initiate the process. When the representative answers, they will verify the card first by asking for the number, expiration date and the three digit code on the back. This is often all that is required but in special cases, a purchase confirmation code is also linked to the card from the original point of purchase. You may require a receipt if they ask for additional information.


After confirming the card, go ahead and supply your name, address and any other pertinent information. When the address is linked to the card, it becomes eligible for online ordering. Gift cards are not accepted for recurring payments like bills and streaming services but they work well for one off payments if needed. Make a note of the address you used for future reference as well.

Verifying the Card

After the card is registered in your name and with your address, do a test to verify everything is working properly. Make a small in-person purchase and the card should function without any issues. The address opens the door to making purchases through online stores as well. When the checkout process asks for the billing address, you must use the exact same address supplied during the registration process.


After using the card for a while, dial the number on the back to check your current balance. Keeping track of the balance will ensure your purchases are not denied for insufficient funds. Some cards will ends their life cycle after the balance is exhausted and others have the option to reload the card through the original purchaser.