How to Put Bullets on Both Sides in WordPad

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WordPad offers six different bullet point styles for bulleted lists, including solid black circle bullets, Roman numerals, letters and numbers. Since WordPad is a bare bones text editor, it lacks the ability to customize the bullet character of an automatically ordered list. If you want to create a list with a bullet at both the start and at the end of each line, you can mimic an ordered list by typing the same bullet character at the end of each line.


Step 1

Open a document in WordPad.

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Step 2

Click the down-pointing arrow on the "Start a List" button, which resembles a three-item bulleted list. Choose the list style with solid black circles.


Step 3

Type your first line item.


Step 4

Hold down "Alt" and type the numbers "0149" on your numeric keypad -- not the numbers running across the top of your keyboard. A bullet symbol appears at the end of your line. Repeat this process for each line item.



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