How to Put Ringtones on an LG Phone

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Most LG phones have the ability to accept ringtones in any format so playback is feasible for any ringtone. Online sites like and are available so you can put ringtones on your phone, from either your computer or the phone itself. Ringtones can also be created and transferred to the phone via USB sync cable or downloaded directly from the Internet to the phone.


Step 1

Connect the LG phone to your computer. Plug the LG USB sync cable into the phone's jack and the computer's USB port. Watch for a window to appear on your computer to prompt you for action.


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Step 2

Navigate to the LG phone in the window. Click "Open Folder to View Files," and select the "Media" subfolder.

Step 3

Put the ringtones on the LG phone. In a new window, open the file location of the newly created ringtone file. Highlight the ringtone file, then drag and drop it to the LG phone's Media phone to transfer the ringtone to the phone.


Step 4

Download ringtones straight from the Internet. This can be done through mobile Internet, and a computer Internet connection. Go to the ringtone website's URL from either your LG phone's mobile Internet, or your computer's Internet browser. (See resources for ringtone downloading websites.) Select the genre of music in which your ringtone falls, whether it be classical, hip hop, rock, etc. Browse through the list of ringtones, and double-click on the one of your choice. Provide your cell phone number when prompted to, and click "Send". The ringtone will come to your phone via text message. Click on the ringtone's link to download and store it to your phone.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer

  • LG USB Sync Cable


For additional instructions and assistance with putting ringtones on an LG phone in a Mac OSX, see the resources below.

Creating your own ringtones is also a good way to personalize your LG phone. With this method you can trim any song down to a ringtone. This is the best way to make sure you get to enjoy your favorite part of the song. (See resources for further instruction and ringtone creation methods.)


Ringtones should always be approximately 10 seconds long, not to exceed 25 seconds. The bigger one ringtone is the more space it takes up on your phone. As a result, your phone may run slower, and you will not be about to put many more ringtones on the phone.

You will need mobile Internet to download the ringtone once it is recieved in a text message. Without mobile Internet, you'll only have a ringtone link, and no way to store it to your phone.


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