How to Reactivate Sun Cellular SIM Cards

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Sun Cellular is a large mobile phone brand operating under one of the largest telecommunications companies in the Philippines.
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Sun Cellular is a large mobile phone brand operating under one of the largest telecommunications companies in the Philippines. The brand primarily serves the Philippines with prepaid and longer-term contract plans for cell service, messaging and data. The SIM cards are typically activated on the initial contract and SIM unblocking apps and tools are about the only method of using an old, expired Sun Cellular SIM.


Activating a SIM Card

The best way to work with Sun Cellular is through a new SIM card. This is especially convenient with prepaid plans because the SIM is often included with the plan and you either use one of their phones or drop the charged SIM in your own phone. Completing this process at a physical storefront location is the best option.

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To activate a new SIM, first purchase the SIM card and plan directly through Sun Cellular. Power down your phone to begin the installation process. Next, use a paper clip end to open the SIM card tray on your phone. Insert the SIM card and close the tray to complete the physical part of the installation.


Power on the phone to begin the activation process. You have already purchased the plan at this point and it's a simple matter of activating the SIM through text or phone. You can also have a representative complete this process inside of the store.

Open a new text message box and type 1200 before sending. After sending this message, the phone should activate. If not, it sends a verification message for final confirmation. Follow the prompts to finalize and activate the phone. If this method fails, call the Sun Cellular support team directly or use their online support forms. They have quality service and will help you activate the SIM.


Continuing Sun Cellular Plans

Sun Cellular offers online tools to manage accounts and continue service on different phone plans. Utilizing their online system to maintain your account is the best method of operating within the company system. You can pay bills and charge phones with credits through this account portal.

The issue with prepaid plans on the Sun Cellular network is the SIM card expiration policy. The prepaid plan is convenient but after the SIM card is no longer active, it essentially dies and is no longer functional. The SIM is tied to a phone number and this number is also lost with the card. You really have no avenue of reactivation or saving the phone number once the prepaid life-cycle ends.


Contract plans are different and you will retain the ability to activate the card and maintain your phone number. To reactivate a contract, you simply visit the store to negotiate a new contract before yours ends. The alternative is starting with a new service provider and porting the phone number to a different network SIM card. This all happens within the physical store or through the toll-free phone number for technical support.

Sun Cellular Data Block

The expired SIM cards experience a data block that essentially renders them unusable and ineligible for renewal. The easiest path forward is through the purchase of a new SIM and a new prepaid or contract phone plan. It's a good time to reevaluate the network and determine the most cost-effective and best service option for the future.


Apps and other workarounds for unblocking SIM cards are available but they are not reliable and many are not necessarily legal or ethical. Rather than risking a violation with a hacker-based service, simply renew the phone plan on a new SIM card.